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Seizing market opportunities
September 15, 2015 | Publication : The News Straits Time Online
KUALA LUMPUR: VALUECAP Sdn Bhd, an equity investment firm, plans to take advantage of the stock market corrections and enter the market without causing any disruption or volatility.
ValueCap boosts Malaysian market
September 15, 2015 | Publication : THE STAR ONLINE
PUTRAJAYA: A RM20bil package to support undervalued stocks through ValueCap sent the local bourse 36 points or 2.25% higher to 1,639.63, thanks to strong buying from local funds.
Local stocks surge on RM20 billion injection
September 15, 2015 | Publication : The Sun Daily
PETALING JAYA: The local stock market jumped 2.25% yesterday on a RM20 billion capital injection by the government, a move economists say will restore investor confidence given the current gloomy economic climate.
Malaysia pumps $4.6bn into stock market
September 14, 2015 | Publication : BBC
The Malaysian government is spending 20bn ringgit ($4.6bn; £3bn) on boosting shares and is cutting taxes for manufacturers.
ValueCap Plans To Take Advantage Of Market Without Disruption, Says CEO
September 14, 2015 | Publication : Bernama
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 14 (Bernama) -- ValueCap Sdn Bhd plans to enter the local stock market by taking advantage of market corrections without causing any disruption or volatility, says Group Chief Executive Officer Sharifatu Laila Syed Ali.